neue Produktion / work in progress

Choreography / direction Helene Weinzierl
Dance / choreography Helena Arenbergerova, Iris Heitzinger Honza Malík, Petr Opavský
Light design and technique Albert Haderer
Music composition Kynos Kutis
Photos / video Peter Huber
Videocut & Animation
Petra Hinterberger
Duration 20 minutes
Contact and infos Vladimir und Estragon / Thomas Licek
Handelskai 265, A-1020 Wien
Subvention by BK Kunst, BMaA

As a “time exhibit,” 0-0-0 > 5 is devoted primarily to standing still. Standstill as exemplified by break-neck speed, the hurtling and frenzy of motionlessness, of being frozen in place, the community consensus of collective idleness.

Introverted, not lonely, but alone, the individual stands in opposition to the system. That sense of being alone which produces nothing more than waste products of drugs: boredom, bloated ness, alienation or velocity, the central theme of the piece. Speed as intoxication, the faster something occurs, the easier it is to look the other way. In the eye of the storm, silence reigns supreme.
Time for castling?