Choreography / directing Helene Weinzierl
Dance / Choreography Robert Tirpak
light design and technique Albert Haderer
music/composition Kynos Kutis
Video / Photos Herman Peseckas, Silke Theiner
Stage Hanno Rampelt
Length 20 Minuten
Premiere März 2001, 1st price for choreography at International Dance Festival in Kalisz/Poland
2nd price for Choreography at International Festival of Modern Dance in Vitebsk Belarus
supported by BK Kunst, Salzburg Stadt und Land, Wien Kultur, BMaA

… and the damage done, conceived as a solo performance, deals with minor systems, systems that are apparently banal and insignificant. And still it becomes immediately clear that these minor systems, consisting as they do at a network of manipulated effects brought about, for example, by the environment (not the great, powerful, institutionalised environment but the immediate environment), or by society (not the large, institutionalised society but the small, local, far more existential, more threatening, less inhibited forms of society), do have an important influence.
And it is precisely the inability to escape from minor systems that leads to the paradox – the silliness of the system part – of being confronted with what is grand, what is major, while always being the victim of the small and the minor, always remaining the playing of the small in the small, seeing where greatness lies but coming to grief on the petty. Smallness is the determining factor in the existence of the particle.