cielaroque cielaroque  
d e m o c r a z y
how to peel an onion without crying


Idea / conzept / Choreography Helene Weinzierl
in kooperation with Helena Arenbergerova, Yuri Korec, Honza Malik, Viviana Escalé
Musik Oliver Stotz
Lightdesign and Technic Peter Thalhamer
photos Peter Huber
duration ca. 60 min
A co-operation with ARGEkultur Salzburg, Premiere: 16.10.2012
With the kind support of: Salzburg Stadt:Kultur, bmu:kk, Salzburg Land:Kultur, ERSTE-Salzburger Sparkasse Kulturfonds

Research topic:
On the autonomy of decision in all its facets: within the context of democracy, freedom and hedonistic society.

Long live the freedom of choice! On a daily basis we may choose from a large variety of available options. Blonde or brunette, green red or black, TV or illegal download, papaya or mango. Everything is available; there is a countless amount of options. Now, that we are able to have it all, do we really design everything according to our own needs?

Imagine a decision is represented by an onion. Would then every layer stand for one option? What if one removes these layers/options gradually? Would one then come closer to one’s inner self? Most important, can one peel this onion without crying?

Who is in charge of determining the parameter? Why should a decision be described as an onion, anyway? Do we really have a freedom of choice or is somebody else deciding on us? If so, to which degree are we aware of this heteronomy?

Will anybody dare to question these parameters by stating that the decision is not an onion, but rather a pear; maybe even claim that a decision actually is a pear?
What effect does this have in our present democracy: isn’t every onion a pear?