the search for nonSense or the coincidental encounter with a murderer



Idee / Konzept / Choreografie / Gesamtleitung Helene Weinzierl
Co-Choreografie Anna MacRae
DarstellerInnen Yuri Korec, Viviana Escalé and
Vladislav Soltys
Musik Oliver Stotz
collage indluding FENNESZ: "Instrument 1", Ween: Buenes tardes amigo, Maria Callas
Lichtdesign und Technik Peter Thalhamer
Fotos Peter Huber
Dauer ca. 60 min
Premiere/Uraufführung 11.-12.10. 2011 Salzburg, ARGEkultur
  24.11.2011 kosmosTheater Wien
2011 awarded with a premium of the Austrian ministry for culture and art.
In Zusammenarbeit mit
dem Österreichischen Kulturforum Prag

Three people accidentally meet at an Indian bus station. They try to flee the banality of everyday life; they stagger around in follies in a quest for meaning and finally end up in a labyrinth of nonsense.

Nonsense – sense – senselessness.
What nonsense?

A search for answers to questions that accompany us every day, such as brushing our teeth or the traffic lights changing to yellow.
May we still ask the question, whether something makes at least in its superficiality sense? Maybe the reason for problems in Tunis was simply the question: why is the sky blue? Can we be sure?
Nonsense. We can be sure of absolutely nothing. We do not want to, are not allowed to, will soon not be able to be sure anymore.
And so we begin to lose our sense of time. Those who live the same life every day, will always live in the past, the present and the future.

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