Theater- and Video production 2003-2004

Choreography / Idea / concept Helene Weinzierl
directing Helene Weinzierl / Claudia Heu
Words Bodo Hell / Antonio Lobo Antunes / Karsten Rühl
Cast / stage / Karsten Rühl
Cast / Video Lisbeth Ebner-Haid , Julia Ebner, Marion Hackl, Anna Hauer, Claudia Heu, Margit Lindbichler, Dietmar Nigsch; Giordana Pascucci, Otto Pichler, Jeremy Silverstein; Albert Weilguny
Lif(v)e camera Robert Tirpak
camera / cut Bernhard Pötscher, Othmar Schmiderer
cut Petra Hinterberger, Bernhard Pötscher
Videoanimation Petra Hinterberger
sound Ulrich Göbl
Sounddesign Martin Löcker
Lightdesign stage Albert Haderer
Lighttechnique Video Martin Ofenböck/ Isabella Derflinger
Music collage and composition Kynos Kutis/ Fanfare
Dialog Coach (Circus) Anna Hauer
Regie Coach (Circus) Annetta Mäser
Costumes Marion Hackl
Masque Ruth Rembart, Franziska Gusenbauer, Margret Kranner
Photos, contact Peter Huber, Bernhard Pötscher
AKM music rights Kynos Kutis / Fanfare Ciocarlia Radio Pascani CD Piri 254
CoProducers ARGEkultur Gelände Salzburg, tanzimpulse Salzburg
Duration 60 Minutes
Premiere März 2003 ARGEkultur Gelände Salzburg, dietheater Wien Imagetanz
subsidised by BK Kunst, Wien Kultur, AK Salzburg, Art nach Lust/Georg Daxner

Gustav s. and his sisters descended from a rich and traditional industry family. The father hoped that the son will work in his factory to take his place in the future. But the son started to study and becomes a teacher carrier.
He got children with his first women, a rich and beautiful women from the high society which left him. Also the relationship with his 2nd wife, a teacher failed. This piece tells the story of a person who failed in the eyes of his family, friends, colleague. He does´nt find a place in the society, he thinks that he doesn´t find the breath and the aim in the society. The accusation of the family, friends, colleagues and his wife let him fail and he is ending in suicide.

Bodo Hell has been born 1943 in Salzburg lives in Vienna and works on Prosa, Photos, Films and radiophones works. He got the “Rauriser Literatur price” 1991 the Erich-Fried-Price.