Life is Not a Picnic
dance- and video production


concept / directing / choreography Helene Weinzierl
dance and choreography Helena Arenbergerova, Erich Rudolf,
Juraj Korec, Nikoleta Rafaelisová
music Oliver Stotz
video Petra Hinterberger / Markus Huber
stage design Johannes Stockinger
light Albert Haderer
photos Peter Huber
duration approx. 55 Minutes without interruption
Technik Infos Lichtplan
Technical Rider

We meet at the central point of the new temples of today, the shopping malls – at the escalator, which mimics a sense of flow and forces us to a certain speed, sweeping the willing amongst us into a bubble of rapidity and sounds.

We have arranged ourselves in consumer society; we made ourselves comfortable with the cushions of superfluity. Though we believe greed to be great, our real aim is excess and voracity. While, out there, resources are diminishing and more and more are excluded, we are searching our luck in the temples of consumer society.

Art started being offered here long ago, with the usual margins, vulgarly precarious; nevertheless, we keep on floating and strolling, enjoy a Latte Macchiato in the artificial light whilst the sun is experimenting with different shades of grey in the glasshouses fog.
Inside, in the meantime, a new species has been developed: the cave men - ready to survive, fast food, (s)low motion.