Dance- and
Video production, 4 Dancers,

Choreography / directing Helene Weinzierl
dance Helena Arenbergerova, Jesus Cobos, Giordana Pascucci, Robert Tirpak
light design and technique Albert Haderer
music/composition Kynos Kutis (Bob Niels)
Violin Christine-Maria Höller / Lucia Riccelli
Video / Film Hans Jürgen Gökler / Max Biskup / Peter Huber
Videocut & Animation Petra Hinterberger
photos Peter Huber,
length 60 minutes
Premiere 2nd price for Choreography in Kalisz
and parts of the aereowaves programms 2001 the place theatre London
Performances 2001 Nagoya Japan, Metropoltheater München, Stadttheater Passau Bloomsbury theatre London, New York Fringefestival, Landestheater Innsbruck IG Börse, International Dancefestival Almada/Portugal, Szene Salzburg, 2002: Mu Theater Budapest /HU 2 Posthof Linz, tanz_house festival Salzburg republic, Kosmos Wien, 2003 Tanec Praha
subsidised by BK Kunst, Wien Kultur, AK Salzburg, Erste Bank Salzburg, BmaA

2nd price for Choreography in Kalisz at International Dance Festival in Kalisz/Poland

„systems<damaging>systems" is dealing with destructive systems, mechanisms of decay and decomposition, decay in itself and its consequence in connection with a fatalistic order. Decay as symbol as well as reality on one hand, as starting point and causality of innovative creations as an input for vital processes on the other hand.

I am focusing in the moment of decay and dissolution which is very essential for me. In a kind of loneliness which is powerful enough to create something new, to start innovations and give room and spirit for creative processes – simply setting free the will to transform things. Loneliness as a symptom and last but not least as a result and as a reason for decay at the same time. Loneliness helping to create things and ideas, a releasing device to the moment of process on the other hand.