a mis-danced three-act play

Artistic Direction, Choreography Helene Weinzierl
In collaboration with Luan de Lima da Silva, Manuela Calleja Valderrama, Hugo Le Brigand (mov. research - Patrik Kelemen)
Light design Peter Thalhamer
Music, composition Oliver Stotz


Take: one choreographer, three performers and an empty room.
The only premise: to break your own expectations, to find a new approach. An experiment.
The stage-space is there, a blank sheet of paper. The three performers are like pens or brushes, even a stamp, or maybe something completely different. Are they merely tools, or do they define the content of the piece with their presence and so shape the expectations of the choreographer? Do they then overlay, meet, contradict, or completely erase those expectations?

TRIO dances deliberately wrong and so tries to escape from the typical cieLaroque/helene weinzierl style. Or will we just see the same thing again?
This asks the questions: Will there be a picture that emerges? Is it abstract and only in the head? Are the themes familiar? How is the content defined? Is it a complete confusion or are there clear points of connection? Do you see the same thing as the person sitting next to you, or something completely different?

TRIO is no standard recipe and its exact flavour will be decided by you, the audience.