couch potatoes´ paradise

Concept / /choreography / video directing Helene Weinzierl
Dance / Choreography Helena Arenbergerova
Honza Malík
Petr Opavský
Erich Rudolf
Acting Lisbeth Ebner-Haid
Vitus Zeplichal
Light design Albert Haderer
Music Composition Kynos Kutis
Photos Peter Huber
Videoanimation Petra Hinterberger and Markus Huber
Premiere 3.11.2004
Duration 50 Minutes
subsidised by Salzburg Stadt and Land, BK Kunst, Wien Kultur, ERSTE and Salzburger Sparkassen
Kulturfonds, AK Salzburg, Sonic Flow Tonstudio and tanzimpulse Salzburg

Finally paradise. Relaxing. Travelling afar without a thought, leaving behind the monotony of the daily round, getting closer to yourself or simply dipping into a different world. See something new and just let go. What more can you wish for?

Enjoy the culinary delights of the region. Let yourself be pampered and just switch off. Feel the depth, sit back comfortably, concentrate on pure nothingness, breathe deeply and easily but don’t forget to breathe. Follow our motto: sit down and relax.

You think you’ve set your own routine. But really it’s your agenda and all the rest that has the say. Let us put a smile on your face, let us help you switch off.

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Management warning: regular consumption can cause impotence, miscarriages, depressive boredom, death, chronic diseases of vision organs, blackouts or complete destruction of your remaining brain capacity.

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