Think Fish or variations on a basic theme


concept and choreography Helene Weinzierl
dance and choreography Yuri Korec & Viviana Escalé (or: Emil Leeger)
music composition Oliver Stotz
light design Peter Thalhamer
photos Peter Huber
duration 25 min

We see a couple. We get the feeling that what we are seeing actually is not in a perfect harmony.
It seems to be exhausting, unhealthy, laborious, and somehow it appears to be unpleasant, the harmony is missing.

The absurdity reaches a peak when the structures of power collapse and dissolve due to missing or misunderstood communication.

The two dancers show how different interpretations of a single theme or topic, approached from opposing attitudes and perceptions of understanding may lead to a completely absurd form of (mis)communication.

Festival Junge Künstler Bayreuth, 12./13. August 2006

Coproducted by
Festival Junge Künstler Bayreuth, KosmosTheater Wien, tanzimpulse Salzburg, Theater im Ballsaal Bonn