Dr. Zimmermanns Solution

A cooperation by Wolf Junger/ Blaue Hunde and CieLaroque/ Helene Weinzierl

Choreography / direction Helene Weinzierl
Idea, Actoring: Alex Dick
Dancing, Actoring: Erich Rudolf and Stafan Wartbichler
Music: Schalldampfer Dj Odd and iRoy
Costumes: Elisabeth Strauss and Hilde Böhm
Heide Tömpe
Producer and artistic line: Wolf Junger

A drama in 6 acts

Dr. Zimmermann goes to a Schaman to San Francisco.
The result is a comprehensive confusion, he tries to heal a chicken, to let
his daughter go, and to win back his wife Christin.
His psychologist fails. He hopes to find the solution from an american
T.V.priest and he dreams of a Samurai, who tries to kill a monster
und to win the love of a princess: it's the style of a "Peking-opera",
amusingly, tragically, crazy.